Table of Contents

Take It Outside: Wet and Wild Coastal North Carolina

Vacation season is upon us. Ready to do something a little different, such as soaring, diving or howling? Pam Smith shares loads of ideas for nature-based tourism.

The Pamlico Sound: Fishing Gem of North Carolina

Take out too many threads and the blanket may come unwoven. The idea behind identifying strategic habitat areas is to keep the whole of the state’s fisheries intact. Join Sharon Settlage as she explores the method behind the plan to protect North Carolina’s fisheries.

Hunting for Quicksilver: Testing Local Seafood for Mercury

E-Ching Lee gives us another reason for eating local. She talks with scientists who tested the state’s seafood for contaminants. Find out why national recommendations may not hold for North Carolina fish.

A Song Across the Water

Go beyond the beach with Megan Sharp. She shows us coastal songbirds that are worth going a little out of the way to see — and hear.

Cruising to Fuel Savings

It’s costing more to fill up the boat this year. Take a ride with Brian Efland and learn how to boost fuel efficiency.

Currituck County Goes Green

Come along with Sharon Settlage to Powells Point for the Currituck Sound Water Quality Fair. Learn how Currituck County is taking the lead in environmental stewardship.

Rolling with the Tide: Sun, Moon and Raven

Watch the tide with Terri Kirby Hathaway to learn how it forms and the forces that shape it.

Healthy Seafood Choices

Have an excess of cherry tomatoes? Check out a recipe for a crab-stuffed tomato appetizer. Consider breaded triggerfish or sautéed mahi-mahi as the main dish. Recipes from Mariner’s Menu: 30 Years of Fresh Seafood Ideas.