Table of Contents

FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Teamwork Offers Keys to Success

Letter from Susan White, Executive Director for North Carolina Sea Grant.

SIZE MATTERS: Testing a New Mesh Size for Black Sea Bass

Fishermen and researchers work together to test mesh sizes for new black sea bass fishery standards. E-Ching Lee uncovers how commercial fishermen are attempting to only trap fish 11 inches or longer.

GUTTING-EDGE SCIENCE: Fish Stomachs Help Identify Atlantic Pelagic Food Web

Dig into fish innards with Devika Banerji as she reveals the relationships between large offshore species and the creatures they eat.

LITERARY TRAILS: Lost and Found in the Northeastern Corridor

Join Georgann Eubanks for a unique tour of northeastern North Carolina in this excerpt from Literary Trails of Eastern North Carolina.

Q&A with Georgann Eubanks

Rhett Register talks with the author.

Riding the Waves: Identifying and Protecting Marine Mammals

Morgan Jones speaks with marine mammal researchers about recent strandings and fisheries interactions.

Silver Spawners: Restoring Shad to the Cape Fear

Follow the journey of anadromous fish as they encounter man-made obstacles along the Cape Fear River. Jack Horan explains efforts to allow fish to reach upstream spawning grounds.

Voiland Earns Sea Grant National Honor

Michael Voiland, former North Carolina Sea Grant executive director, was recognized for his contributions to the Sea Grant network. Katie Mosher reports.

Estuarine Species in the Spotlight

North Carolina Sea Grant publications are included on signage at the N.C. Aquarium on Roanoke Island’s new soundside pier.