The North Carolina Atlantic Blue Crab Industry

September 17, 2009 | Barry Nash

seafood traditions Our state’s Atlantic blue crab processing industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Over forty processors operated in coastal North Carolina in 1995.  Today that number is 14. Imported crab meat from Asia and...

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Purchasing Fresh North Carolina Shrimp

September 14, 2009 | David Green

how to select, handle, clean and store seafood Shrimp are sold by weight and count, the number of shrimp it takes to equal one pound. You often see descriptive names for shrimp such as small,...

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Marinated Charcoal Grilled Shrimp

August 26, 2009 | Joyce Taylor

another fresh seafood idea We’re at the height of the outdoor cooking season, so let’s grill a shrimp dinner! Be sure you buy fresh shrimp—from North Carolina. Local, not imported. Fresh shrimp should smell like...

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North Carolina Shrimp

August 26, 2009 | Barry Nash

north carolina fisheries Shrimp is the nation’s most popular seafood and the second most economically important fishery in North Carolina.  The state’s commercial shrimp fleet is comprised primarily of small to medium-sized vessels that fish...

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Guest Contribution: A chat with Captain Chip Grice, Davis, NC, Fishing Vessel Cape Point

August 25, 2009 | Pam Morris

seafood traditions How did you get into commercial fishing? “I was born in Charlotte but my family owned a camp to the banks.  We came here every summer when I was a kid. I started...

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