The Autumn 2020 Issue

Letter from the Executive Director

Coastal Tidings
News, research, resources, and more.

Blood Draw at the Horseshoe Corral
An essential medical safety test used around the world depends on horseshoe crab blood, and scientists may have discovered the key to a sustainable supply. Supplemental content for grade 6-12 educators and students accompanies this article.

Science Needs You
Monitoring and Assessing Water Quality Across the Neuse River Estuary-Pamlico Sound Continuum 
For decades, researchers have tracked the health of the second largest estuarine complex in the U.S. — and they want your help. Supplemental content for grade 6-12 educators and students accompanies this article.

If COVID-19 and a Major Hurricane Collide
What would it mean for people living in our state’s most vulnerable communities?

Coastal Landscapes
NC Coastal Landscaping Designs
Deciding which plants to use in your yard can be a challenging task — especially in harsh coastal environments.

Hook, Line, and Science
Sharks, Shrimp, and Computerized Fish IDs
Are catch-and-release deepwater fish just an easy meal for sharks?

Mariner’s Menu
Fall Favorites
One of the fastest growing websites for seafood recipes provides us with savory fall delights.

Naturalist’s Notebook
Is Climate Change Affecting Sea Turtle Hatchlings?
Research shows that warming temperatures cause loggerheads to give birth mostly to female offspring.

The Last Word
More Than Sand Dollars
Beachcombers prize the iconic skeletons, but these creatures were masters of their environment when they were alive. 

The Back Cover
It’s another award for Coastwatch.


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top photo by Chris Engel