Table of Contents

North Carolina’s Coastal Conference Offers Varied Voices

Susan White discusses her hopes and expectations for North Carolina’s Coastal Conference, set for April 14, 2015.

FEAR FACTOR: A Bonus for North Carolina

John Fear’s youth exploring New Bern’s rivers and creeks set the stage for his career in science. Katie Mosher shares the North Carolina Sea Grant deputy director’s past, present and future plans.

BUSINESS AS USUAL: Fishing for a Living

Traditionally, women have had varied roles in North Carolina fishing industries, but few hold commercial fishing licenses. Susan West introduces three who are thriving after career changes.

BRINGING BACK A BIVALVE: Sea Grant Works to Restore Oysters

The North Carolina Oyster Summit is back. Rhett Register provides details.

SEA SCIENCE: Rising Waters and Migrating Marshes
Researchers Track Changes in North Carolina’s Coastal Habitats

Chuck Bangley describes habitat classification research by Margaret Garner, the 2013 North Carolina Sea Grant/N.C. Coastal Reserve fellow.

MARINER’S MENU: Fresh From the Farm

Use aquaculture products raised in North Carolina to prepare these delicious recipes.

NATURALIST’S NOTEBOOK: Moving Through the Marsh

Take a walk with Rebecca Nagy through one of North Carolina’s most captivating habitats — the salt marsh.