Channel Catfish

September 3, 2010 | Barry Nash

north carolina fisheries Originally native to the Gulf States and the Mississippi Valley from Mexico north to Canada, the channel catfish is the most commercially important aquatic species cultured in this country. In the wild,…

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Peppery Taste and Flushing of Skin

August 21, 2010 | David Green

seafood is safe to eat Histamine fish poisoning accounts for one third of all seafood-borne illnesses reported in the United States. Histamine is present in various amounts in many foods. Fresh fish at harvest, however,…

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Atlantic Wahoo

August 21, 2010 | Barry Nash

north carolina fisheries Wahoo are common to the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The top half of their body is steel blue while their bottom half is pale blue in color. They…

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Breaded Triggerfish

August 6, 2010 | Joyce Taylor

another fresh seafood idea Many species of triggerfish are brightly colored with patterns of varying shapes. But the one we most commonly see from Florida to Massachusetts is the gray triggerfish. The gray triggerfish’s firm,…

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Sometimes It’s O.K. to Fry Seafood

August 6, 2010 | Joyce Taylor

methods of preparation “Frying” has almost become a dirty word in recent years, and much of the criticism is deserved. We know that grease-laden foods add fat and calories we do not need. But remember…

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