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NH-Grown Striped Bass Aquaculture

Research from UNH helmed by David Berlinsky with Linas Kenter is developing saltwater striped bass aquaculture, paving the way for a new industry to grow striped bass. Hear why striped bass are a unique opportunity for aquaculture from Dr. Kenter and chef Brendan Vesey of Botanica Restaurant and Gin Bar.

This fish can be grilled, it can be breaded and pan-fried, it can be crispy-skin cooked like a salmon, it can be roasted. I like that versatility in a fish to get multiple preparations.

Brendan Vesey headshot

Brendan Vesey

Botanica Restaurant and Gin Bar, Portsmouth, NH

Ginger-Crusted Bass Over Vinegar Rice

Fresh striped bass isn’t just a spring treat anymore. Farm-raised filets are coming to plates near you, thanks to aquaculture industry research at NC State.