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Is striped bass healthy?

Cultured striped bass is a good source of low-fat protein and selenium. View a nutrition guide created by NY Sea Grant.

Is cultured striped bass sustainable?

Cultured striped bass is produced from a full domesticated broodstock and is not reliant on wild fisheries.

Is striped bass local?

Wild striped bass are found in temperate Atlantic coastal waters from St. Lawrence estuary in southeastern Canada to Florida and Gulf Coast Ocean into Louisiana. A non-native population of striped bass also exists in the US Pacific.

Locally produced cultured striped bass from the Pamlico Aquaculture Field Laboratory are supplied throughout North Carolina. Pacifico Aquaculture produces ocean-raised striped bass for sale throughout the United States in major retail outlets (Love The Wild, Amazon Fresh, Fresh Direct, Whole Foods, and Earth Fare).

Are cultured striped bass exposed to hormones?

Cultivated striped bass are produced without antibiotics or hormones. Researchers determined that when they simulated the conditions under which wild striped bass spawn, the domesticated striped bass also spawned — without ever administering any hormones to the fish. A first for captive striped bass.

Does striped bass contain high levels of mercury?

Wild striped bass have low levels of methyl-mercury in their flesh, only 0.167 ppm, which has led the US FDA to categorize them as a “good choice” for consumption. The FDA recommends eating one serving (4 ounces) of striped bass per week.

What does it taste like?

Striped bass has a buttery sweet flavor with dense white flakes. It can handle a variety of preparations making it a very versatile fish in the kitchen.

How can I cook striped bass?

There are a myriad of ways to prepare striped bass! Explore some of our favorite recipes from North Carolina Sea Grant’s Mariner’s Menu and NC State Homegrown extension.

Where can I buy cultured striped bass?

Cultured striped bass is appearing in more and more fish markets, grocery stores, and restaurants throughout the county. In the Triangle area of North Carolina, look for “WolfPack Striper” at Locals Seafood and striped bass from Pacifico Aquaculture in Harris Teeter and Whole Foods stores.