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Feb 23, 2023

Magic at 64.4 Degrees

Diligence and hard-earned expertise contributed to a recent breakthrough that has positioned farmed striped bass for commercial success. And scientists behind the innovation say they couldn’t have done it without another key ingredient: luck. 

The StriperHub team poses for a photo at the 2022 North Carolina Seafood Festival

Feb 23, 2023

StriperHub to Receive Over $1.4 Million in Funding to Grow Striped Bass Aquaculture Program

NOAA Sea Grant recently announced over $14 million in federal funding across four strategic areas for improving U.S. aquaculture – with roughly $1.4 million awarded to StriperHub. Led by North Carolina Sea Grant and NC State University, StriperHub is a multi-partner and multi-regional collaborative project to support the development of a sustainable striped bass aquaculture industry in the United States. 

Feb 23, 2023

Where Does Our Seafood Come From?

Aquaculture is the farming of aquatic organisms and it is the major source of seafood produced globally. There is a great window of opportunity to expand the domestic aquaculture industry as a whole to support a reliable and sustainable seafood industry. 

Feb 23, 2023

Linas Kenter featured on Aquademia Podcast

Linas Kenter from UNH appeared on Aquademia: The Responsible Seafood Podcast to discuss education opportunities for a career In seafood 

Feb 22, 2023

Linnea Andersen Inducted as a 2021 AIARD Future Leader Fellow

Ph.D. candidate Linnea Andersen has been selected as a 2021 Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD) Future Fellow! The competitive program seeks students who have interest in international agriculture and rural development issues and their solutions, including Linnea’s research on aquacultured striped bass. 

Feb 22, 2023

Breakthroughs Position Striped Bass for Commercial Success

Scientists from NC State University have developed a method for farming striped bass more efficiently and less expensively than ever before. Unlike previous methods, the new process does not rely on hormones for breeding striped bass in captivity. 

gloved hands holding a new full of fish in a large tank

Feb 22, 2023

‘StriperHub’ to Boost the East Coast Seafood Industry

Researchers at North Carolina Sea Grant and NC State University are collaborating with experts along the Atlantic Seaboard on a new project to strengthen the domestic seafood industry. “StriperHub,” one of the National Sea Grant Office’s recently funded initiatives on sustainable aquaculture, is advancing the commercialization of marine striped bass.