Hands holding plastic trash

A student from Cape Fear Middle School holds marine debris collected from a beach in Hawai'i. Photo by Danielle Lawson.

Kids and adult with hand-held wind turbine on pier above beach

Researchers are exploring how outdoor education benefits kids and also potentially their parents.

Climate Change Communications Challenges: Including Kids in Solutions

North Carolina Sea Grant-funded researchers are uncovering how middle-school students may play an unexpected role in climate change solutions. Kathryn Stevenson and Danielle Lawson explain.

Susan White. Photo by Roger Winstead

Linking Education to Understanding and Action

Susan White highlights how North Carolina Sea Grant is working to get individuals the right information at the right moment to support how they choose to act at any one point in time.

floodwaters from Hurricane Matthew

Matthew’s Legacy: Water Falling and Rising

Hurricane Matthew’s rain hit already saturated soils, bringing flooding 
that took 28 lives and left more than $2 billion in damage in North Carolina.

Students examining a tadpole. Courtesy Riverworks at Sturgeon City

Holiday 2016

Creating Change:
Connecting Students of All Ages

Read more stories from our latest issue.

A row of colorful anoles, or small lizards.

Anoles created by a 3D printer were part of a lesson plan by Brooke Sauer, an educator at Durham School for the Arts. Photo by Diana Hackenburg.