Houses on the waterfront

North Carolina Sea Grant helps coastal communities build resilience. Photo by Roger Winstead/NC State University

River and trees on its banks

Walnut Creek and its floodplain runs through NC State University’s Centennial Campus. Photo by Roger Winstead/NC State

Muddy Waters: Defining the 100-Year Flood

What is a “100-year flood?” Why does it matter? We make a bet to help you better understand this flood-risk terminology.

Convening Conversations on Coastal Challenges and Solutions

North Carolina Sea Grant Executive Director Susan White invites readers to share coastal priorities and challenges — and help to develop solutions.

Suzanne Thompson holds sediment core.

Teaming Up with Nature to Restore Wilson Bay

Kathleen Onorevole talks with research partners studying the effectiveness of wetland restoration in Jacksonville.

Cover of Spring 2017 magazine with people on the beach

Spring 2017

Resilient Coastal Communities:
North Carolina’s Past, Present and Future

Read more stories from our latest issue.

Small white device placed behind exhibit displays

The N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences has developed a phone app, coupled with Bluetooth devices, to help visitors with disabilities. Photo by Janna Sasser