Deciding which plants to use in your yard can be a challenging task — one that may seem even more daunting in harsh coastal environments. These landscaping designs, from the Coastal Landscapes Initiative, are intended for anyone interested in growing native North Carolina plants in their gardens and yards. Each design can be modified to meet lot configurations, and alternative plant choices are provided for flexibility.

Coastal Landscapes Initiative logoTwo types of designs are included in this series: borders and screens. Screens block unwanted views and increase privacy. Ideal locations for screens are along the street front, between houses, or in front of fences, air conditioning units, trash cans and gas tanks. Borders define edges and organize spaces in your yard but also can work as stand-alone gardens. Ideal locations are along walkways, driveways, fences or road frontage.

Screening Designs Border Designs
  • Screening with Trees
  • Pollinator-Friendly Border
  • Screening High and Low
  • Foundation
  • Evergreen Screen
  • Low Evergreen Border
  • Bird-Friendly Screen
  • Shoreline Border
  • Screening with Vines
  • Filter strip