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Groundbreaking Research

We have supported scientists and specialists at all stages of their careers.

In recent years, our Core Research Projects and other key initiatives have investigated:

  • climate change and flooding,
  • threats to transportation systems and coastal infrastructure,
  • shoreline management and other strategies for building coastal resilience,
  • the impacts of development,
  • emerging contaminants and other threats to water quality,
  • threats to coastal and marsh habitats,
  • invasive species,
  • new aquaculture techniques and technology,
  • threats to fisheries and aquaculture,
  • finfish and shellfish populations,
  • preserving coastal cultures and histories,
  • environmental justice and disaster recovery,
  • strengthening community networks,
  • economic research and analyses,
  • and other topics.

Our work:

Much of this solution-oriented science relies on key contributions from coastal communities. North Carolina Sea Grant also facilitates special research partnerships specifically designed to fuse community and academic expertise through the Community Collaborative Research Grant Program. These projects generate creative problem-solving for coastal and water-related challenges that our state faces.

Recent Community Collaborative Research Grant (CCRG) projects:

To mentor and train the next generation of scientists and policymakers, North Carolina Sea Grant also provides graduate student fellowships and other research opportunities. These projects often address novel areas and new issues of concern.

Research from recent fellows and students:

For a look at the full array of research opportunities for new and established scientists available through North Carolina Sea Grant, access our funding opportunities. Opportunities become available on a rolling basis, with new studies launching throughout the year.