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a water quality researcher and a community member talking on a porch

Enhancing Environmental Literacy and Educational Opportunities

K-12 teachers count on North Carolina Sea Grant to provide relevant lesson plans and instruction that meet state or national science standards.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many K-12 teachers were scrambling to convert their lesson plans for virtual classroom settings, and we had ready-made solutions immediately available.

Education and Outreach

North Carolina Sea Grant develops environmental education programs for students and educators statewide.

  • Our Lessons in Mariculture offers practical career education and science for in-person and online learning.
  • Coastwatch Classroom provides teachers with online content that compliments stories from our popular magazine.
  • Researchers created a virtual-friendly water quality curriculum and held workshops to share with high school teachers from over 30 N.C. counties. The lessons collectively reached 3,300 students in 2021.
  • Hundreds of students across the state took information they learned about the impacts of marine debris to their communities, drawing praise for presentations and effective online videos —  and demonstrating the power of students sharing science-based lessons with adults.
  • Thanks to a collaboration with PBS NC, the NC Division of Water Resources, and other partners, thousands of teachers and students have accessed our award-winning online Watershed Wisdom lessons.
  • North Carolina Sea Grant  also partnered to develop a guide on marine debris for classroom and informal educators of students in grades 5 through 8.
Wayne County students get hands-on experience exploring the Neuse Estuary as a part of the Floating Classroom Program. Photo by Becky Kirkland

Our online resources complement a long line of publications for learners of all different ages: