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NC State

Jan 30, 2020

‘StriperHub’ to Boost the East Coast Seafood Industry

“StriperHub,” one of the National Sea Grant Office’s recently funded initiatives on sustainable aquaculture, is advancing the commercialization of marine striped bass.

Albemarle Sound

Jan 17, 2020

NC Sea Grant Announces 2020–2022 Core Research Projects

With North Carolina Sea Grant funding, research teams across the state are starting new studies on coastal resilience, climate change, flooding, shellfish and aquaculture, environmental literacy and more.

Nov 5, 2019

NC Coastal Conference Keynote Speakers to Describe Ecosystem and Economic Resilience

Keynote speakers for the 2019 North Carolina Coastal Conference know the state well, but also bring outside perspectives.

Jul 23, 2019

North Carolina Tropical Cyclone-driven Coastal Flooding is Worsening with Climate Change, Population Growth

A historic 120-year-old data set is allowing researchers to confirm what data modeling systems have been predicting about climate change: Climate change is increasing precipitation events like hurricanes, tropical storms and floods. North Carolina Sea Grant and the Water Resources Research Institute have supported this research.

Oct 26, 2017

Susan White Named NC Space Grant Director

Susan White is the new director for North Carolina Space Grant, after having served as interim director since February. White also serves as executive director of North Carolina Sea Grant and the state’s Water Resources Research Institute. All three statewide programs have headquarters at NC State University. Contact: Katie Mosher, North Carolina Sea Grant, 919-270-4962,