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September 16, 2019 | Katie Mosher

Chuck Weirich worked with many shellfish growers.

Chuck Weirich, at left, worked with many shellfish growers. Photo courtesy Chuck Weirich.


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Chuck Weirich joins the National Sea Grant Office today as an aquaculture manager. Weirich, who had been with North Carolina Sea Grant in recent years, has decades of aquaculture science and industry expertise.

“We look forward to working with Chuck in his new position,” notes Frank Lopez, North Carolina Sea Grant’s extension director. Lopez is currently leading the N.C. program’s aquaculture efforts, including the search for a new coastal aquaculture specialist.

In 2018, Weirich was a founding partner in the North Carolina Shellfish Initiative with state and federal agencies, growers and community organizations. That year he also played a key role in helping the state’s aquaculture industry identify losses from hurricanes Florence and Michael. His North Carolina Sea Grant roles also included applied and collaborative research regarding growing practices for oysters, sunray venus clams, scallops and blue crabs. His past industry roles including working on sturgeon aquaculture.

In the National Sea Grant Office, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, Weirich will work with Mark Rath, Kola Garber, NOAA partners, the Sea Grant network and others to administer Sea Grant’s aquaculture funding opportunities and advance the industry through increased scientific understanding and sustainable practices.

Collaborative research often means long days of working with growers. Photo by Baxter Miller.

Collaborative research often means long days of working with growers. Photo by Baxter Miller.

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