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May 19, 2015 | Katie Mosher


Katie Mosher, 919-515-9069,

Posted Tuesday, May 19, 2015

For more information on Rip Current Preparedness Week, June 7 to 13 in North Carolina, as well as North Carolina Sea Grant rip current research, read this news release.

rip current sign

Rip current signs are posted on North Carolina beaches.

Folks heading to the beach this summer should be aware of the potential for rip currents.

National Weather Service officials report one fatality due to rip currents along our coast in 2014, and a total of at least 58 deaths since 2000.

There are a variety of beach safety resources available to the public — including some right on the beach.

“Lifeguards are not only on the beach to respond to emergency situations, but also to inform the public about current conditions. Talk to your local lifeguard when enjoying the beach this summer and always look out for your fellow friends and family while participating in water activity,” explains Simon Sanders, Ocean Rescue Supervisor for Carolina Beach.

A rip current is a strong current that moves away from the shore. Rip currents often can be identified as a flat spot between breaking waves that can last minutes or months. Here are some safety tips:

North Carolina partners continue to promote rip current safety by posting signs, providing magnets and sharing daily rip current outlooks from NWS forecast offices in Newport/Morehead City and Wilmington, N.C., and Wakefield, Va. Online safety materials also are available via the NWS portal at

Magnets, signs and brochures with the Break The Grip Of The Rip® national safety message are available from North Carolina Sea Grant. For prices go to and search for rip currents.

For individual orders, call 919-515-9101. Communities, vacation rental firms and others with bulk orders also can call 910-962-2490. Download the rip current poster here.


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