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News Releases

March 22, 2018 | Julie Leibach

Katie Mosher,, 919-515-9069

In the new issue of Coastwatch magazine, readers will find the following: 

Is North Carolina poised to become the “Napa Valley” of oysters? Katie Mosher explores how aquaculture is on the rise in the state — and how a North Carolina Sea Grant partnership with the University of North Carolina Wilmington, Carteret Community College and shellfish growers aims to improve oyster production through applied research.

An excerpt from Bland Simpson’s Two Captains from Carolina, about two accomplished Civl War-era mariners, highlights a pivotal moment for an accomplished African American mariner named Moses Grandy. An accompanying Q&A with the author reveals how he shaped his protagonists’ interweaving tales.

Photo by Baxter Miller

If you’ve never seen menhaden on a seafood menu, you’re not alone. The bony fish is typically processed for use in products such as fishmeal and nutritional supplements. Sea Grant coastal economics specialist Jane Harrison describes her research into the socioeconomic impact of the Atlantic menhaden fishery on East Coast states.

The synthetic chemical GenX has received a lot of news and public attention lately. Julie Leibach takes a broader look at how the story of GenX represents a greater challenge facing public and environmental health.

Can’t wait till summer for a coastal getaway? Danielle Constantini recommends some of the best off-season attractions for nature lovers, history buffs and shopping fanatics alike.

Recently retired Mariner’s Menu blogger, Vanda Lewis, shares some of her favorite seafood recipes. Drawing from Joyce Taylor’s Mariner’s Menu: 30 Years of Fresh Seafood Ideas, Lewis shares recipes for Italian fish stew, flaked fish casserole au gratin, and snapper fillets sautéed with mushrooms, all of whose flavors evoke Down East.

Katie Mosher also describes the new Coastal Landscapes Initiative, a new multi-partner project to enhance community and private landscapes through thoughtful plantings and consumer outreach.

It’s hoi toide on the saind soide! Marisa Incremona talks to Ocracoke islanders and sociolinguist Walt Wolfram about the Ocracoke brogue, exploring its history and evolution over the generations.

Cynthia Sharpe, a former Sea Grant communications intern with an English degree from NC State University, has the final word with her poem Of the Essence, a personal reflection on time.

Coastwatch is the flagship publication of North Carolina Sea Grant. In 2018, publication is shifting to four issues per year. To subscribe, please visit our bookstore. To request a sample copy, call Katie Mosher at 919-515-9069 or send to, or write to Coastwatch, NC Sea Grant, NC State University, Box 8605, Raleigh, NC 27695-8605. Many current and past Coastwatch stories also can be viewed online at


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