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Seacoast Plants of the Carolinas Earns National Honors

Small yellow flowers are characteristic of the American persimmon.
Flowers of the persimmon, Diospyros virginiana. Photo by Paul E. Hosier
Above: Flowers of the persimmon, Diospyros virginiana. Photo by Paul E. Hosier
Katie Mosher,

Seacoast Plants of the Carolinas has earned two high honors from the American Library Association. Written by Paul E. Hosier, the book is published by North Carolina Sea Grant and the University of North Carolina Press.

Book cover of Seacoast Plants of the Carolinas
Pick up a copy.

Recently the ALA Government Documents Round Table recognized it as a 2019 Notable Government Document (State and Local Selection). “We are particularly pleased with this honor because the book was nominated by one of our colleagues at the State Library of North Carolina,” notes Katie Mosher, North Carolina Sea Grant’s communications director.

Earlier this year, Seacoast Plants of the Carolinas also was chosen as a 2019 Choice Outstanding Academic Title.

Subtitled A New Guide for Plant Identification and Use in the Coastal Landscape, the book has been hailed as an accessibly written and authoritative guide, as Hosier introduces plant life in the coastal zone of the Carolinas for nature lovers, gardeners, landscapers, students, and community leaders.

Features include:

  • Detailed profiles of more than 200 plants, with color photographs and information about identification, value to wildlife, relationship to natural communities, propagation, and landscape use.
  • Background on coastal plant communities, including the effects of invasive species and the benefits of using native plants in landscaping.
  • A section on the effects of climate change on the coast and its plants.
  • A list of natural areas and preserves open to visitors interested in observing native plants in the coastal Carolinas.
  • A glossary that includes plant names and scientific terms.

“Seacoast Plants also fits especially well with the Coastal Landscapes Initiative, which includes dozens of partners who focus on the benefits of native plants,” Mosher adds.

Check out excerpts and related stories that have appeared in Sea Grant’s Coastwatch magazine: go to and search for Hosier.

Look for Seacoast Plants of the Carolinas at local bookstores, or order online from


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