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News Releases

September 25, 2019 | Dave Shaw


Katie Mosher,, 919-515-9069

North Carolina Sea Grant recently released the new issue of its flagship publication, Coastwatch magazine, to coincide with the first day of Fall. The print and online editions of the Autumn 2019 issue explore a wide range of stories across three millennia.

We revisit Hurricane Floyd 20 years later with firsthand accounts of the infamous night the water rose and the days that followed — as survivors originally told the story in 1999.

A Fish for All Occasions” tells how a Sea Grant specialist joined forces with a local distributor on a quest for the hearts of local seafood lovers.

• North Carolina’s famous Black River provides a home for living bald cypresses that were saplings before Rome was an empire. In “River of Time,” we follow researchers on the hunt for a 3,000-year-old tree.

Can we forecast what storm surge will do to our beaches? A new study suggests that XBeach modeling may provide critical predictive power.

Marshes increasingly face natural and human stressors on seaward and landward edges. A new project literally drills into history to discover how marshes migrate.

 As more and more people turn to eco-friendly solutions, we offer excerpts from North Carolina Sea Grant’s new guide for sustainable — and beautiful — coastal landscaping.

• Plus: We look at five new partnerships that are tackling pressing issues in North Carolina through the Community Collaborative Research Grant Program; North Carolina Sea Grant’s fisheries specialists break down the latest science for anglers in Hook, Line & Science; And executive director Susan White discusses some of North Carolina Sea Grant’s latest successes.

The print edition of the Autumn 2019 issue also includes news on the following:

how climate change is worsening coastal flooding from storms;
how we know sand tiger sharks love shipwrecks;
where to find our brand new mariculture lesson plans;
how to find funding from our Minigrant Program;
how to register for the North Carolina Coastal Conference
and much more.



To subscribe to Coastwatch, please visit our bookstore.

To request a sample copy: mail Coastwatch, NC Sea Grant, NC State University, Box 8605, Raleigh, NC 27695-8605; or email Coastwatch is available in print and online.

Permissions: Some of the content that appears in Coastwatch is available to republish. Email


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