Table of Contents

The Vanishing Oyster:
Stocks are Declining in North Carolina

Many oyster beds have been closed along our coast. Find out why the oyster industry has declined and what fishers are doing to improve stocks. Ann Green visits traditional harvesters as well as aquaculturists experimenting with ways to culture oysters.

Treasures of Chicamacomico:
Architectural Gem Yields Rich Historical Bounty

For generations, the Chicamacomico lifesaving station was known for its daring rescues of shipwrecks off Cape Hatteras. While renovating the site, restorers discovered the value of a former boat shed. Katie Mosher chronicles the restoration of this hidden treasure.

The Sailors’ Snug Harbor: Safe Haven for Aging Mariners

Since 1976, retired seafarers have sought port at a retirement home on Nelson’s Bay in Sea Level. Take a tour of this special facility and find out why the residents’ hearts and spirits are still tied to the sea.

Naturalists’ Notebook: Coyote Influx Threatens Red Wolf Survival

In eastern North Carolina, the coyotes’ inroads could spell disaster for the red wolf. Find out how biologists are working to preserve the red wolf.

People & Places: JoAnne Powell:
Extraordinary Educator

Powell’s enthusiasm for teaching adults and children about coastal marine and plant life is legendary around Carteret County. Ann Green follows Powell on a field trip to unspoiled wonders at the Rachel Carson Reserve.

Book Market: Waves, Wind and Water: Read Up a Storm

Are you ready to cozy up to a memoir of life on five tumultuous Ethiopian rivers? Whether you want to read river adventures, live in the shadow of the Hatteras lighthouse or pass along a true story about African-American lifesavers, we’ve got a book for you.