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image: COASTWATCH SPRING 2023 cover.

Spring 2023

The Mystery Ship Off Pappy Lane

image: bears on salt marsh and meadow.

Summer 2023

Sea Level Rise Endangers Salt Marshes Worldwide 


Spring 2022

Wings of Change

Summer 2022

Coastal Carolina Through a Shrimper’s Eyes 

Fall 2022

NC’s Oysters

Winter 2022



Spring 2021

Magic at 64.4 Degrees: Science, Serendipity, and Farmed Striped Bass

Summer 2021

The Butterfly Effect: A Winged Crystal Coast Native Inspires Stewardship

Fall 2021

New Rip Current Forecasts: Safeguarding Beaches Nationwide

Winter 2021

Podcasting from the CoastStudent Journalists Give Local Voices a Global Stage


Spring 2020

The Greatest Show on the East Coast: North Carolina’s Nightscapes

Summer 2020

A Sumptuous Summer: Fresh Seafood and How to Make It Last

Autumn 2020

The Horseshoe Crab Connection: An Ancient Sea Creature and a Safe COVID-19 Vaccine

Winter 2020

Science Is Everywhere: Marine Education’s Boundless Possibilities


Spring 2019

Sea to Table
Restaurants Celebrate Coastal Cuisine 


Summer 2019

Testing the Waters
Ensuring Shellfish Are Safe to Eat

Autumn 2019

Revisiting Floyd 20 Years Later
Survivors’ Firsthand Accounts from 1999

Winter 2019

A Brief History of Sea Level Rise
Our Moving Coastline


Winter 2018

Oyster Culture
Serving Consumers and Communities

Spring 2018

Long-Term Investments
Fishing Communities Plan for Future 

Summer 2018

Seacoast Plants
Flourishing in Harsh Conditions

Autumn 2018

Endurance Test
Florence and Michael Pummel North Carolina


Map of Windsor, NC, and surrounding areas

Winter 2017

Focus on Floodplains
Increasing Resiliency after Matthew’s Floods

Cover of Spring 2017 magazine with people on the beach

Spring 2017

Resilient Coastal Communities
North Carolina’s Past, Present and Future

Cover of Summer 2017 magazine with picture of total solar eclipse

Summer 2017

Chasing the Moon’s Shadow
Total Solar Eclipse Draws Eyes Skyward 

Cover of Autumn 2017 magazine with Cape Hatteras lighthouse

Autumn 2017

Coastal Treasures
Celebrating Cultures, Recognizing Resources 

Holiday 2017

Insight, Perception & Resilience
Collaborative Research Benefits Communities



Gaillardia or blanket flower, a coastal bloom. Photo by Ann Simpson

Winter 2016

Secrets Revealed
Coastal Waterway Treasures

Green tree frog. Photo by Molly Albecker

Spring 2016

Change is the Word
Research Efforts Meet Shifting Needs

Pic of summer 2016 cover of Coastwatch, picture of whole fish on ice. Photo by Vanda Lewis

Summer 2016

Community Collaborations
Bridging Coastal Economies and Ecosystems

Damage to houses caused by Hurricane Fran. Photo by Dave Gately

Autumn 2016

Focus on Fran + 20
Improving North Carolina’s Resilience

Students examining a tadpole. Courtesy Riverworks at Sturgeon City

Holiday 2016

Creating Change
Connecting Students of All Ages


Wild oysters in a basket. Photo by Vanda Lewis

Winter 2015

Nurturing Nature
Oyster Restoration

Collection of North Carolina coastal images. Photos by Roger Winstead

Spring 2015

Springtime Synergies

Sand dunes at Jockey’s Ridge State Park. Courtesy N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation

Summer 2015

Summer Showcase
Coastal NC State Parks

Measuring an oyster with calipers. Photo by Jamie Moncrief

Autumn 2015

Measuring Up
Oysters Take Center Stage

Udotea cyathiformis, an underwater algae. Photo by Wilson Freshwater

Holiday 2015 

Minigrant Strategies
Maximizing Investment Returns


Blue-gloved hand shucking oyster. Photo by E-Ching Lee  

Winter 2014

Economy, Environment and Tradition

Grass and marsh in the Shallotte River. Photo by Roger Winstead

Spring 2014

Coastal Reflections
Past, Present and Future

Runboat Kathryn L. Smith at Luther L. Smith and Sons fish house in Atlantic, 2010. Photo by Lawrence S. Earley

Summer 2014

Workboat Chronicles
Sharing History, Culture 

Man picking his way through flooded streets in Carolina Beach after Hurricane Hazel in 1954. Photo by Hugh Morton

Autumn 2014

Hurricane Hazel
Oct 15, 1954


Holiday 2014

To Market, To Market To Buy a Fresh Fish


Crabs with red claws. Photo by Barry Nash  

Winter 2013

Research, Recreation and Repast
Treasuring Gifts of the Sea

Cusk (fish) among corals. Courtesy Deepwater Canyons 2012 Expedition

Spring 2013

Exploring the Deep
Learning What Lies Beneath

Coastal sunset with bird in silhouette. Photo by Klaus Ritter

Summer 2013

Amazing Places
Via Book, Trail, Byway

Crab cakes. Photo by Scott Taylor

Autumn 2013

Adding Value
Seafood, Science and Students

Black sea bass. Photo by Paul Ruderhausen

Holiday 2013

Continuing Collaboration
Building a Better Fishtrap


Mahi-mahi. Photo by Nate Bacheler

Winter 2012

Catching Fish
Science Behind the Hooks

Sea oats. Photo by Eva Gonzales

Spring 2012

Dune Builders
From the Atlantic to the Gulf

Girl on Carolina Beach. Photo courtesy

Summer 2012

Exploring the North Carolina Coast

Seafood-stuffed avocado on a bed of lettuce. Photo by Vanda Lewis

Autumn 2012

Celebrating Seafood
North Carolina’s Bounty

Hybrid striped bass in a red basket. Photo by Pam Smith

Holiday 2012

North Carolina Aquaculture
Science-based solutions


Hybrid striped bass aquaculture operation with fish splashing in tanks. Photo by Becky Kirkland

Winter 2011

Genome Mapping
Hybrid Striped Bass Yield Data

Oyster spat at three weeks. Photo by Michael Halminski

Spring 2011

Attracting Oysters
Science of Settlement


Salicornia virginica, also called glasswort or pickleweed, is a salt-tolerant plant. Photo by Paul E. Hosier

Summer 2011

Supper Surprises
Unusual Ingredients, Interesting Meals

Molting crab. Photo by Ken Blevins

Autumn 2011

Blue Traveler
North Carolina Crab Markets

Aerial image of N.C. 12 on Hatteras after Hurricane Irene. Photo by Michael Halminski

Holiday 2011

Hurricane Irene
Community Cooperation and Recovery


Marsh and trees. Photo by Klaus Ritter

Winter 2010

Sustainable Solutions
Exploring New Opportunities

Iridescent exterior of a pen shell. Photo by Ben Young Landis

Spring 2010

North Carolina Black Pearls
Shimmering Potential

Recycled oyster shells in round crates on a boat. Photo by Ben Young Landis

Summer 2010

Future Harvests
America Invests in N.C. Estuaries

Clams and red onions. Photo by Anne Powell McGowan

Autumn 2010

Seasonal Seafood
Cooking with the Chefs

A partially exposed shipwreck on the Corolla beach. Photo by Stephanie Gandulla

Holiday 2010

Ship Salvage
Hidden History’s Elusive Value


New rules to maintain water quality in NC's coastal states have resulted in new signs and warnings being posted. Photo by Pam Smith

Winter 2009

Coastal Water Quality
Stepping up the Pace

Rods and colorful lures used to catch speckled trout. Photo by Robin Wienke

Spring 2009

Angling Research
Texting and Tagging Technologies

Diamondback terrapin. Photo by Leigh Anne Harden

Summer 2009

Tracking Terrapins
Sharing Territory with Crabs

NOAA satellite image of Hurriacce Floyd, taken Sepc. 16, 1999, with the storm coming over North Carolina. Courtesy NOAA

Autumn 2009

Floyd +10
Remembering, Learning from Disaster

Close up of the blue eyes of a bay scallop. Photo by Sonke Johnsen

Holiday 2009

Bay Scallops
Reviving Dwindling Populations


Winter 2008 Cape Lookout nautical chart from GMCO's waterproof chart of North Carolina. Photo by Heather Ward

Winter 2008

Finding Fish

Coastal ocean observers on the R/V Savannah. Photo by Jamie Moncrief

Spring 2008

Generating Real-Time Data

Dune plants. Photo by Heather Joesting

Early Summer 2008

Barrier Island Investigations

Purple loosestrife. Photo by John D. Byrd

High Season 2008

Halting Invasive Species

Shrimp. Photo by Paul Stephen

Autumn 2008

Quality Counts
When it Comes to Choosing Seafood

Crab pots. Photo by Robin Wienke

Holiday 2008 

Migration Mysteries
Crabbers Capture New Clues


Boats in Sneads Ferry. Photo by Matt Barr

Winter 2007

Fishing Town Struggles

Collage of North Carolina waterfront scenes

Spring 2007

Waterfront Access Meetings Highlight a Spectrum of Needs

Wanchese. Photo by Michael Halminski

Early Summer 2007

Wanchese Waterside

Warehouse at Clayton Fulcher Seafood. Photo by Scott Taylor

High Season 2007

Fading Fish Houses

Big brown bat. Photo by Merlin D. Tuttle, Bat Conservation International

Autumn 2007

Bats as Bioindicators

Snow geese in flight at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Mark Buckler

Holiday 2007

Splendor of the Sky


Aquaculture nets. Photo by Scott Taylor

Winter 2006

Water Woes

Cattle egrets in flight. Photo by Scott Taylor

Spring 2006

Naturally North Carolina

Reflection of Morehead City waterfront in window. Photo by Scott Taylor

Early Summer 2006

Along the Waterfront

Whalehead Club in Currituck. Photo by Erin Seiling

High Season 2006

Currituck Heritage

A neighborhood with houses and cars damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Photo by Spencer Rogers

Autumn 2006

Storm Surge
Katrina’s Legacy

Front window of Salter Path seafood shop. Photo by Scott Taylor

 Holiday 2006

Salter Path Paradise


River Dunes development. Photo by Scott Taylor

Winter 2005

A Natural Development

Whimbrel, a large shorebird. Photo by Michael Halminski

Spring 2005

Birds of a Feather

Harbor pilot. Photo by Scott Taylor

Early Summer 2005

Making Safe Passage

Girl looking at shark in N.C. Aquarium tank. Photo by Michael Prince

High Season 2005

Aquarium Attractions

Aboard the sailboat, Good Fortune. Photo by Scott Taylor

Autumn 2005

Setting Sail

Core Sound holiday decorations. Photo by Scott Taylor

 Holiday 2005

Coastal Creativity


Barred owl in the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Ken Taylor

Winter 2004

Finding Refuge

Wanchese crabs in round crates. Photo by Scott Taylor

Spring 2004

Seafood on the Move

Marlin. Photo by Scott Kerrigan

Early Summer 2004

Migratory Species Spotlight

Sleek sailboats. Photo by Scott Taylor

High Season 2004

Clean Sailing Ahead

Oyster bed. Photo by Ken Blevins

Autumn 2004

Oysters on the Edge

Skimmer trawl by Scott Taylor

 Holiday 2004

Skimming for Shrimp


Core Banks cottage. Photo by Scott Taylor

Winter 2003

Cottage Curiosities

White ibises in a tree. Photo by Walker Golder

Spring 2003

First in Flight

A Cedar Island “boom truck” is equipped to haul fishing gear. Photo by Scott Taylor

Early Summer 2003

Cedar Island Snapshots

Storyteller John Golden dresses as a minstrel from the Queen Elizabeth’s court. Photo by Melissa McGaw

High Season 2003

Holding Fast to the Past

Harkers Island boats. Photo by Scott Taylor

Autumn 2003

Seafood Traditions

A green pressure gauge on the oil tanker, S/T Tonsina. Photo by Karen Orders

 Holiday 2003

Ballast Water Pressures


Pound net poles in the water. Photo by Michael Halminski

Winter 2002

Pondering the Pound Net

Concrete reef balls. Photo by Scott Taylor

Spring 2002

Fish Condos

House under construction. Photo by Scott Taylor

Early Summer 2002

Hurricane Resistance

Waccamaw River. Photo by Ken Taylor

High Season 2002

Discovering the Waccamaw

Core Banks beach and water scene. Photo by Scott Taylor

Autumn 2002

Coming Back to Core Banks

Woven baskets. Courtesy Watermark Association of Artisans

 Holiday 2002

Holiday Handicrafts


A pair of hands cupping baby clams. Photo by Scott Taylor

Winter 2001

Giving Clams a Helping Hand

Bridge tender Troy Shepard maintains bridge gears at Wrightsville Beach. Photo by Scott Taylor

Spring 2001

A Bridge Wheel Gets the Grease

Animal bones. Photo by Ken Taylor

Early Summer 2001

The Bone Collectors

Scene of vegetation and water in a North Carolina estuary. Photo by Scott Taylor

High Season 2001

A Sea Grant Journey

Massive equipment at the State Port in Wilmington. Photo by Scott Taylor

Autumn 2001

Port Projects Picking Up

Hatteras Lighthouse stairwell. Photo by Michael Halminski

 Holiday 2001

Stepping Back in Hatteras History


Aquaculture oyster beds. Photo by Scott Taylor

Winter 2000

Vanishing Oysters

Herring catch. Photo by Scott Taylor

Spring 2000

Fate of a Fishery

Beach house. Photo by Spencer Rogers

Early Summer 2000

Beach Nourishment Debate

Ocracoke lighthouse. Photo by Michael Halminski

High Season 2000

Ocracoke Odyssey

Hatteras Island fishing pier at Rodanthe. Photo by Michael Halminski

Autumn 2000

Pier Enjoyment

Snow on the beach.

 Holiday 2000

Snow Falling on Sand Dunes

Before 2000

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