Sea Level Rise and Climate Change

As the global climate heats up and sea levels rise, an epic battle takes shape in our coastal watersheds, where incremental changes have enormous impacts.

What does research reveal? What does climate change mean for our state? And how can we adapt and prepare for it?

Digging up a Stormy Past
in the Fall 2021 issue
Sediment samples hundreds of years old reveal how hurricanes and nor’easters affect the landward migration of salt marshes.

Above and Below
in the Summer 2021 issue
Two projects explore very different effects of weather on surface water and groundwater in coastal NC.

Mapping the Future
in the Summer 2021 issue
As seas rise and storms strengthen, new modeling will help communities assess heightened flood risks.

Against Wind and Water 
in the Summer 2021 issue
As climate change brings more intense hurricanes, and higher seas that threaten the shape and survival of coastal communities, homeowners still have options that can help to reduce the risk of property damage.

Skedaddling Sea Turtles
in the Summer 2021 issue
Not only do the turtles dive longer and change locations, but their new behaviors linger after the storms have passed. 

In the Wake of Storms
in the Spring 2021 issue
Even as our state’s capacity for seafood processing declines, wholesalers and distributors have built a network that rapidly deploys initial aid to coastal communities after hurricanes.

Plan, Respond, Recover, Adapt
in the Winter 2020 issue
North Carolina Sea Grant’s new coastal resilience specialist tells why resilience means much more than merely “bouncing back.”

Sparrows and Rising Seas
in the Winter 2020 issue
Two coastal study sites now support hundreds of saltmarsh and seaside sparrows but might only provide habitat for 25 by 2060.

Is Climate Change Affecting Sea Turtle Hatchlings?
in the Autumn 2020 issue
Research shows that warming temperatures cause loggerheads to give birth mostly to female offspring.

Hatteras Island Students Tackle Coastal Change
in the Summer 2020 issue
Ninety-five percent of Hatteras Island students believe in climate change, and most plan to leave the island.

Inside the Greenhouse
in the Summer 2020 issue
North Carolina’s Hottest Year on Record:
Will 2020 surpass last year’s unprecedented heat with even higher temperatures in North Carolina?

The Road to Resilience
in the Summer 2020 issue
A large transportation study on flooding in eastern North Carolina suggests that thoughtful planning and targeted route improvements are key.

Capturing the Culprit: Carbon Sequestration and the Battle Against Climate Change
in the Spring 2020 issue

Mercury on the Rise
in the Spring 2020 issue

A Brief History of Sea Level Rise in North Carolina
in the Winter 2019 issue

Migrating Marshes Reveal Sea Level Rise and Human Activity
in the Autumn 2019 issue

Land Versus Sea
in the Summer 2019 issue

Rising Stars: New Fellows Fuel Scientific Discovery
in the Summer 2019 issue

Which Wetlands Will Survive?
in the Summer 2019 issue

From the Courthouse Steps to Climate Change: How Lumbee History Can Inform New Social and Environmental Dialogue
in the Spring 2019 issue

Hiding in Plain Sight
in the Spring 2019 issue

The Ghost Hunters
in the Winter 2019 issue

Adapting to Climate Change
in the Autumn 2018 issue

Advancing Community Collaborations
in the Summer 2018 issue

The Long View
in the Summer 2018 issue

RISING: Perspectives of Change on the North Carolina Coast
in the Summer 2018 issue

Research Responds to Key Challenges
in the Summer 2018 issue

Collaborative Research on the Outer Banks
in the Winter 2017 issue

Peek into Coastal North Carolina Research
in the Winter 2017 issue

Unraveling Mysteries of Ghost Forests
in the Holiday 2017 issue

Researchers Reach Into Communities
in the Summer 2016 issue

Climate Change Communication Challenges: Including Kids in Solutions
in the Holiday 2016 issue

Rewarding Innovation: Jones Awards
in the Spring 2015 issue

Coastal Science Serves North Carolina: Sea Grant Funds New Research Projects
in the Spring 2014 issue

NC Scholars Begin Appointments
in the Holiday 2014 issue

Plymouth Prepares for the Future: Flooding Threats in a Changing Climate
in the Spring 2012 issue

Awarding North Carolina Innovation
in the Autumn 2012 issue

Masonboro Island: Measuring Shifting Sands
in the Autumn 2011 issue

Changing Seas: Teachers Explore Ocean/Climate Change Connection
in the Autumn 2010 issue

Research Grows Future Scientists
in the Winter 2009 issue

Studying North Carolina’s Coast
in the Autumn 2006 issue

Blowin’ in the Wind: Solar Center Studies Potential Energy Source
in the Spring 2005 issue

Geologist Paints Vivid Picture of North Carolina’s Dynamic Shorelines
in the High Season 2004 issue

Sea Grant in North Africa
in the Autumn 2004 issue

Researchers Find New Use For Ozone
in the Early Summer 2002 issue

Sea-Level Rise May Put Nature and Growth on Collision Course
in the High Season 2002 issue

Rhythms Of The Sea: Griffith Chronicles Coastal Change
in the Early Summer 2000 issue


lead photo: courtesy of USGS