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Winter 2016

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Little Rivers and Waterway Tales:
A Carolinian’s Eastern Streams

Take a tour of favorite streams and rivers with Bland and Ann Cary Simpson.

  • Plying Waterways with Words, Images
    Lundie Spence shares her thoughts on — and inspiration from — Little Rivers
 and Waterway Tales.

String Of Sentries:
Sentinels Form a Network of Eyes on the Coast

Learn more about NOAA’s Sentinel Site Program and its partnerships.

  • North Carolina: A Wealth of Resources
    Get an update on North Carolina’s project from Jennifer Dorton of North Carolina Sea Grant.
  • Chesapeake Bay: National Icon
    Check in with Sarah Wilkins from Maryland Sea Grant.
  • Northern Gulf of Mexico: Vulnerable to Change
    Take a trip with Renee Collini of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium.
  • Hawai‘i: Ecological and Cultural Diversity
    Visit Maya Walton of Hawaii Sea Grant’s involvement with sentinel sites.
  • San Francisco: Urban Centers and Natural Areas at Risk
    Tour the bays of San Francisco with Maya Hayden of California Sea Grant.
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Graduate Students Receive Fellowships

E-Ching Lee checks in with the Sea Grant’s newest graduate fellows.

Planning for Change

Learn how Nags Head is planning for the future.

No Leftovers, Guaranteed

Vanda Lewis presents recipes that will leave your guests with full stomachs and empty plates.

It’s All in the Delivery

This meeting will help graduate students communicate results.


Nor’easter: Storm with No Name

Feel the wrath of a nor’easter in a poem by Cynthia Sharpe.

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