Sunset Beach

Bridges are critical elements of coastal transportation infrastructure. Photo courtesy VisitNC

North Carolina’s coastal communities offer a range of assets, including diverse ecosystems and deep culture.

“Our coastal region also faces significant challenges,” notes North Carolina Sea Grant Executive Director Susan White.

At the request of the University of North Carolina System President Tom Ross, White has worked with colleagues within her program, across the UNC System, and in partner agencies and industries to develop a wide-ranging agenda for North Carolina’s Coastal Conference on April 14.

Topics include energy, economies, ecosystems, fisheries, hazard mitigation, marine industries and infrastructure.

“Not only do we have panels representing varied perspectives and experiences, we also expect lively discussions with the stakeholders who attend,” White adds. “Our goals include new collaborations or expansion of existing partnerships.”

As a preview, this issue of Coastwatch offers a quick glance at two topics — population studies and transportation planning — that often provide groundwork for many decisions. Read more about these topics in the following articles:

Watch future issues of Coastwatch for more stories on topics presented at North Carolina’s Coastal Conference.

This article was published in the Spring 2015 issue of Coastwatch.

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